Know The Market For Your Book

Writers need to understand how their book fits into the marketplace. But it can be counterintuitive to write a book for current market trends. Read this post to learn why.

Rules Make Art Beautiful

 I recently gave my grandmother's 1913 Heller Upright piano a tune-up. It's the first time it's been restored, though I have been happily playing it for years. The surprising result is that once those strings were in tune, it was like a spotlight on my terrible piano skills!

Just as I tinkered away on my piano with little regard to proper technique, so many writers dive into their stories without making sure what they are saying is in tune, or that their writing technique is sound. Read this post to learn how art thrives under the constraint of rules.

Bells and Whistles in Writing

Are you trying to do too much in your story?

It can seem like more is more, right? 

Read this post to learn why bells and whistles and all-the-things in your story might be exciting, but when it comes to good writing, simple and clear is best.


Start With Simple

Writing a novel can be as overwhelming as running a children's theatre camp! Whether working with words or children's theatre, simplifying the process can make a monumental task manageable. This post shows you how!

Think Like An Actor When Writing Your Novel

By adopting an actor's mindset when writing your novel, you can bring depth and authenticity to each character, regardless of their role in the story  So, read this post to pull back the curtain and approach your novel like actors do on the stage or screen.
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