Crafting Strong Prose: Tone, Mood, and Style

Learn how Tone, Mood, and Style are essential to crafting compelling prose that resonates with readers on an emotional level. Learn the difference between these essential writing elements, how they contribute to developing a writer's voice, and how to utilize them to connect readers to the story.

Finding Your Writing Voice

Unlock the secrets to finding your unique writer's voice! Explore practical exercises to recognize your individuality, discover the impact of genre on your writing style, and hone your unique writing voice. 

Showing Vs. Telling

One of the biggest narrative writing rules I find writers struggle to understand is SHOWING VS TELLING.

It can be a hard concept to grasp. 

What exactly is the difference between showing and telling, and why does the rule insist that showing is best? 

Perform Your Story To Unlock Your Voice

What is a writer's voice? Read this post to discover how to discover and hone your own unique writing voice by performing your writing.